Geer & Associates, P.C. Practice Areas

Estate Planning, Trusts, Probate & Guardianships, Business Formation and More

Estate Planning & Trusts

Though often difficult to contemplate, your last will and testament is a wonderful opportunity to express to your relatives and friends how much they mean to you. At Geer & Associates, P.C., we draft clear and unambiguous wills to ensure that your wishes will be honored.

We can eliminate uncertainty regarding what will happen if injury or illness strikes by drafting precise legal instruments such as Durable Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Directives to Physicians, and Declarations of Guardian that act as safeguards for emergencies and incapacity.

You can rest easy knowing that we will draft trust documents that ensure your assets are protected and passed to your heirs with as little tax burden and difficulty as possible. Families who have members with special needs can plan for the long-term care of their loved one while preserving much needed assistance programs by the use of a special needs trust.

Probate & Guardianships

When you’ve lost a loved one, you don’t want confusion and frustration added on top of your grief. Geer & Associates, P.C. has more than 20 years of experience expediting the probate process for estates of all sizes, with or without wills. At Geer & Associates, P.C., we realize the inordinate stress that burdens our probate clients, and it is our pleasure to relieve your anxiety at this difficult time. From the outset, founding attorney Eva Geer meets with you and thoroughly explains the probate process. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to expect and having a highly professional advocate at your side.

When you need to protect the interests of an adult family member who suffers from physical or mental incapacity, Geer & Associates, P.C. can help establish a court-appointed guardianship. We also take the time to explore alternatives to guardianship to ensure the best possible pathway to caring for your loved one.

Business Formation & Support

In our current economic climate, small companies and entrepreneurs face serious challenges which leave little margin for error. Fortunately, Geer & Associates, P.C. is ready with knowledge and experience to counsel small to mid-sized businesses on a variety of legal issues such as: Entity choice and formation, contract drafting, contract review, foreign state filings, leases of real property and equipment, shareholder and partnership agreements, and subcontractor agreements. Geer & Associates, P.C. is eager to give special assistance to entrepreneurs with the courage to pursue their dreams by launching a new business. We also enjoy a close relationship with reliable CPAs who provide indispensable tax and accounting services.