Geer & Associates, P.C. Fee Policy

Geer & Associates, P.C. does not charge for an initial consultation.

General Policy

It’s the desire of Geer & Associates, P.C. to provide highly individualized, quality legal representation and legal advice for each and every client. As such, we look at each client’s particular situation and needs prior to determining an approximate quote for fees and costs.


We charge a reasonable flat fee for several legal services such as Wills and Trusts, Business Formation and other business support documents. In addition, there may be circumstances where we are able to charge a flat fee on probate matters, but that fee will be quoted on an individual basis to take into consideration the complexity and special circumstances of the particular probate proceeding.

In most circumstances, we require one-half of the flat fee amount prior to commencing legal representation with the remaining half due upon completion of legal representation.

In cases where a flat fee is unfeasible, Geer & Associates, P.C. charges reasonable hourly attorney and paralegal rates, billable in tenths of an hour. In the case of an hourly fee arrangement, costs will be billed separately.

Engagement Letters

In most circumstances, Geer & Associates, P.C. requires an engagement letter to outline the scope of representation, billing rates, and other important matters.

Client Retainer

There may be circumstances in which we require a retainer prior to commencing legal representation. If that’s the case, we’ll send a retainer request and will commence representation upon receipt of the retainer amount.


Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are due and payable on terms of net 30. Any unpaid invoices will be subject to finance charges.